June 06, 2009


wikileaks is interesting, 'leaking' documents that were not meant for our eyes.

it turned a lot more interesting when i used my FF translator add-on (Hyperwords) to translate a german word. so i paint the word 'gesperrt' and click to translate ->german->to english. the word changes on the fuckin screen! WTF??! i thought i knows teh interwebs. i was wrong... i am confused to what fucken technology is this.

gesperrt translated to 'closed' on the 6th row

last night we got a bottle of sparkling wine and went to Arttu's office to watch trailers. exciting friday acivieties we have... :) id seen most f them but wouldnt mind showing them to Arttu.

i check apple's trailer site every so often for new trailers, but i also found preview online just today. seems okay. as far as trailers atm, Moon has a very space odysseyish feel to it, which is cool...

i called Karri and tried to convince him to go wth me to Provinssirock festival...i got a press pass and it would feel idiotic to miss the chance of a festival the one time it would be free... :( but Karri said he cant come. i am going to keep trying tho. but i guess it wouldnt hurt me either to save a few euros by not going.

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