August 03, 2009

pains of existence

Tokyo metro map goes Internet. i found my job there - woohoo.

i watched Birth. it had a weird tone, like some Polanski film... unfortunately it did not quite make it. but nevertheless it affected me a bit. movies usually do...

i also watched the Bug. more crazy than i expected. but not very impressive. seemed a bit home made... it all happened in this one room and that did not seem to make sense all the time.

im going to miss R's tomorrow to watch some movies. going for a walk with her too. i feel sooo sporty lately :D also she should cut my hair, she knows what i want when my usual hairdresser does not.

got mail from dA. a lovely shirt! will wear it and show it off to peeps....its a birthday shirt...9yrs! OMG! baby's not a baby anymore! ive been with dA since 2003...which i think is ...6 yrs? cant believe its been that long. what a ride... changed my life.

in other news, some heartache. reminds me that im alive?

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