August 02, 2009

Toveri wins, hands down

did a small bar tour yesterday with K. checking out some Kallio classics which i have missed before despite living in the area.

first off...Om'pu, the terrace looking up to Kallio church :) ***

Toveri, an old classic place. i really loved this. the bookshelves and couches make it very comfy and lounge-like. yet its not trendy. ****

Pub Sirdie. gets point for atmosphere, very local, middle-aged drunks. tiny place (i think max. 15-20 seats). if i ever get any foreign guests...this is the place to show. **

we did end up going downtown for a couple at some point. Backstage, supposedly rock-oriented... they were playing HIM, Type O and Mötley Crüe...and the bar got full as ppl from Ankkarock festival arrived. not enough staff working at bar, long queues... blah

i talked to a girl who had this amusing tattoo :)

shitloads of work next week... i need to do everything for the week following, when i am away. blaaaah.

now off to a sunday walk with Arttu.

new musical find: Lustral

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