August 23, 2009

enjoyed a cider with Otto & his gf

my (yet another!) me-day. i did a mini-pedicure and body exfoliation with raw sugar, cuban style :) skin takes 2 weeks to renew, but i would say i got things pretty well under control now. i am actually surprised how strongly my skin reacted on the trip, its never been like this... maybe its me getting old... who knows. but i took serious measures and its getting worked out back to where it was. :)

this is a crazy page
, the links in the top bar are awesome... i wonder who does this shit. its amusing. keeps amusing me too.

Espoo Ciné has started...but this yr im going to see extraordinary few movies, theyre not expensive but i just made the decision between movie festivals and Istanbul... the latter won, so. my first movie is Van Diemen's Land, aussie film based on a true story. tomorrow a couple more and then thats it. ill miss Love &Anarchy festival too cos i will be in down under for most of its duration.

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