August 22, 2009

you are not unique snowflake

ha! i did a backup! i mean, thats a typical epic fail, u have a lot of important shit and then your hard drive dies and u got no backup whatsoever? i am so proud of finally getting around to doing the back up. i know...i should have a software do that automatically. so my real fail is not setting one up yet....

what stormtroopers are up to

make a snowflake :P

Super Mario - kick ass version

some worrying (but not surprising) figures re: women's attitudes on dom. violence in african/asian countries

im feeling better today... just coughing and sneezing a bit anymore. ears getting blocked an opening on steady intervals... i think its my day to clean up, do some vacuuming! an antihistamine might be a good idea, its gotten so dusty here i think i dont wana make my sneezing any worse than it is.

fuck, my 4th day inside alone, counting out the grocery store and visit to the clinic on wednesday. im getting booored, need some human companion. ive been active on dA i think because of this, just chatting up with ppl. i need something.

i broke my lumix camera at the festival, too. its still usable, the lid for the battery and mem.card just got ripped off theyre in danger of falling out...need to tape the thing together. but im not going to have money for a new cam for while now so that sucks.

*listening to Clint Mansell's Fountain soundtrack*
the movie may not have been awesome but the music and its atmosphere is


CJ said...

Oh come on. Fountain was a great mindfuck movie.

jenni said...

didnt work for me, at all. for various reasons. maybe i missed something, who knows. but it could e it just wasnt my thing.