August 24, 2009

propofol - the perfect K.O. asks "Michael Jackson's Death: How Dangerous Is Propofol?". well. lets see. is that actually a rhetorical question?
cos it sounds like "how dangerous is aspirin?". but being that were talking about anesthesia drugs... well.

looks like it was a record yr for Sziget festival, 390 000 people. how much more can the island take?? i will need to go back and check next yr probably... i recall it being somewhat crowded on friday, when it was sold out to 70 000 people, but it wasnt too much, still very doable.

i was at the office today, was odd after a long break. but i didnt mind the free soda and other goodies that were available. i am getting more work now, from another dept, they need this website redone/updated, involves translating, graphics, etc. website visual stuff... thats good, i def need the hours(money). but it might go well overboard my preferences, i guess thats what i get for being so difficult. 15h/week is too little but 37,5 is too much...yadi yadi yaa... anyway. im pretty happy for getting something different to do, in addition to the usual. need to sign another contract for this though i think, separate budgets etc.

ive been shoeshopping in eBay a lill bit again paypal is my friend, making it all possible :) or should i say that the awesome fuckin people occasionally buying my prints etc. make it all possible. paypal is just an enabler. credit where credit is due.

i totally pass out at around 7-8pm each evening, waking up a few hours later. right in time to be all alert and awake for the night. lately im getting a bit tired at this. variation is needed, no matter what the cycle is... this vampire lifestyle gets old too. i should really shift things around a bit. its just so haaaard. im so sleepy in the early evening. i even missed my movie tonight - and yesterday - because of this. how embarrassing. i saw one slovakian movie today, a documentary more like, Blind Loves. about the love life of blind people. and lives in general, i suppose.

cool visual 'games'...

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