August 31, 2009

jen luvs photoshop

23 movie plots that could have been solved in minutes: hellraiser. #9 is pretty good too, i ROFL'd.

things that changed the world (by getting thrown away): winner

office supplies too awesome to excist: "how things were 2 minutes ago"-key , the organization affair chart would be nice too.

Argentina decriminalizes pot use. nice.

starkhyel from dA (whom i met in portugal last yr) was updating me on his life and stuff and told me this tid bit of awesomeness (i guess): when you start typing in google search "jenni " with a space after, it will offer me as a default among some other jenni's... woah. but its only in non-finnish google's it seems, in finland im not a very important jenni :D

listening to: Vesa-Matti Loiri in youtube

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