September 01, 2009

work creeping in on me

whhaaaat, the last TB episode isnt until in 2 weeks? sunday 13th. ill be in Istanbul then. i cant fuckin wait :( the Eric&Sookie plot is thickening (at least in my mind)...

since i was up early to watch TB and all, i had the time to really dress up and stuff. i was supposed to go dark in the lips but i started with eyes and they got pretty dark and so i went easy on the lips. its really one thing a lot of women dont consider. u dont need to overdo both, give the attention to either one, not both. especially for day looks.

a photo did not capture the darkness too well, but as a cosmetologist i love seeing the fine lines there...i can see age creeping in! :D but im happy with how the skin is, still, the slow changes are just curious.

ive been shoeshopping on eBay. here's my Red or Dead -slippers.

the 2nd project i have now is '3 days a week' apparently. so i should adjust to being available, and working(?), full time again. im still a bit confused as to how this is supposed to go but i think it'll clear out during this week. we had a project start up meeting today. im still working from home except for mondays. willing to go to the office of course if necessary... im starting with some banners and translation stuff today, assuming i get the materials i need. need to start looking at the content management/publishing system too asap i think.

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