September 01, 2009

i was happy to see H&M again, and i think the feeling was mutual

now that i have more work i dared to let myself go SHOOOPPPIIING :D and it was WONDERFUL. got a purple corduroy skirt, black cargo trousers and a red dress. i really like semi-formal buttoned dresses, u can twist the look with make up and shoes and accessories nicely. its semi-shiny cotton, and i really love the tone of red...which the shitty photo fails to capture of course. so what.

i met cousin B. she talked about her pregnancy and i talked about my ...whatever. stuff. 5.20e for the tuna sandwhich and 3.50e for the soda. price level of helsinki...

i went with a more conservative look today. well, the shirt balanced. but the photo doesnt really show my beige-pink stockings and grey 2inch heel shoes! and i wore a grey/black striped cardigan on top. and a trench coat... thats what the weather is like already, sept 2nd. NOT warm.

trying to figure out the new CMS and everything else about the project ahead of me at work is both overwhelming and exciting. in the end, im quite fascinated. im not too familiar with this system, files are .mspx? whatever. im getting there... today i just did some banners and read loads of documentation to get a grip of WTF. but, i still have my 'old' job to do too, and its less stimulating.

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