September 09, 2009

god is showering in turkey

well, looks rainy in istanbul, according to forecast. and the flooding there has made it up to the finnish news, so i suppose it will be very...wet. im wondering what 23C feels like there...maybe 26C? maybe consider a pair of Nokia rubber boots for a very rainy day? oh well it turns that in my collection of...lots of shoes, i dont own rubber boots. i should really get a pair though. these are classics...:P i wont have time to buy them before the trip though, so ill need to manage somehow. besides do i care if my feet get wet when its so warm? i doubt it.

id like my rubberboots with heel tho... eBay haz it. of course. i have to look into it later...

i was just outside...getting food etc, and my local forecast says it's "19C mostly sunny" - did NOT feel like it. the bloody wind was COLD.

i got up at 9am to work... after 4 hours of staring at code and files and documents i was crosseyed and exhausted. feels overwhelming again. last night, after looking at the project with Arttu i was actually quite hopeful. i mean i still am sorta...theres just so much work ahead of me. after solving one problem another seems to rise. i guess thats the way these things always go... just have to pull through somehow.

yesterday i photographed this ...hmm...woman...trans-something...anyhow, she is setting up a website for her music and needed promo pics. so :) we met at a party a year ago (pic) so thats how she knew to ask me. i need to finish the photos befor ethe trip... so one more thing on my to-do-list...

blah i should get back to work

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