September 07, 2009

in a matrix

errrrr ghhhhr. i didn't leave the office until after 5pm. because, at 3, i decided to believe the IT support lady who said my computer issues might not be solved unless i just re-install the OS. and because my computer problems included trouble connecting to networks, which is not something i can afford in Istanbul, i had to make a quick decision and give it ago. oh lord the amount of programs and settings that i need to install now :( i was very brave though and put in W7... everyone's praising it so... took an hour to install and then i spent another hour with photoshop and a lot of other critical software. i wanted to have the most important stuff before i leave the office. in hopes that i dont need to return there this week.

the new project has my head spinning. im meeting Arttu tonight and hoping he could look into the most complicated issues with me and it would help me. someone took me through the publishing process today and now that i see how slow and complicated it is, im thinking "fuck". the schedule is tight, i should have the site up and ready on the first week of october.

busy week coming up...

im so tired,

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