September 20, 2009

is it getting better, or do you feel the same?

so a few days has gone by. good days, too, mostly. on thursday i met with Volkan and his gf and some others. enjoyed bars together. returning to the hostel around 4am, i just fell on my bed, i noticed in the morning. and then got up to go to work, where i was less effective than usually :(

yesterday mr "jekyll / hyde" wanted to see me again. he was Jekyll and we enjoyed our time together. i have been happy for several hours. i deserved this memory. really did. and he did too.

right now i dont care much about other things, im just lingering in this feeling. had a shower, a nap... food can wait. everything is fine, whatever, things will work out... i feel sedated for a moment. listening to Kubb's Chemical. "

yesterday i was in Kadiköy (asian side of the city), meeting some people regarding the english teaching thing ive been thinking of. it looks good but we shall see, i really hope it works out.

tomorrow i am seeing Volkan & co again, might get a new tattoo... lol. i cant help but shake my head and smile, i am so hooked on them now. i might get in on my scalp tho, so itll be covered by hair. why hide something thats supposed to be seen? who the fuck says what tattoos are supposed to be like, seen or not, etc.?

i think the bar next door has a heavy metal theme day or sumtin... i am hearing turkish heavy metal song after another. its not as bad as one would think.

okay ill go back rest and enjoy my sunday. i hope nothing fucks this up, later on or so. i will not let anything ruin this...will not....

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