November 23, 2009

in space and time

i need to find a way to block event invites from FB friends that are so distant to me, physically, that any events they might invite me to are not possible for me to go to. i hate getting event invites and then messages related to it, when its a comedy club on the other side of the world. not that i appreciate all the helsinki-based event invites either, but that is tolerable i suppose.

the event called Karris' pre-christmas party went okay, except for one major fail: more people showed up than i expected and my calculations were just poor to begin with maybe, and what happened is that we ran out of punch. it pretty much ruined my evening. i eventually found stuff to drink myself though and got effectively wasted but im eternally upset over this major failure. i just hope i will get a chance to redeem this one day. and i even left the party at 3am cos Tiitta & Emma were having a party of their own next door and kept calling me to come over. i could not resist. i have been crowned as their favorite "no-nonsense girl" :)

there were so many people at Karri's party i dont think i talked to even half of them. i got stuck with paavo and his friends and the friends he brought in. some italians and a japanese architect. i kept interviewing the italian physicist because hes researching dark matter and how it was 'born'. fascinating! other than that i think we spent 2 hours talking about porn with the italians, Paavo and a finnish cartoonist... i think it started from Rocco Siffredi, as he is italian and he has made himself quite the legend. i didnt know he was in Romance X. and then another movie, what was it again. something i havent seen.

the living room table catering at the party

Emma and Tiitta's kitty

the trailer for Love needs more appreciation, i think.

"Come loose your dogs upon me
And let your hair hang down
You are a little mystery to me
Every time you come around"
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds: Ship Song

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