June 04, 2010

loves to speak finnish

i met Melisa today for late lunch, in Fenerbahce, she is a finnish-turkish girl, doing a documentary and some film projects here. she too used to work as an english teacher. seems to be pretty common...that job. was refreshing to speak finnish, and share thoughts about turkey and the turks with a fin who lives here. her documentary is related to the sexuality and culture here so she had an interesting view, had spoken to a lot of people etc....

the cheapness of meds keeps surprising me. antihistamins (Atarax, 30 tablets, no prescription needed) were 1e. i remember earlier buying other things that were no more than euro or two also. income level here is much lower than in finland, but nevertheless the meds seem cheap... and pharmacies are everywhere. but so are people. maybe it makes sense.

im off to Capa later, but might come back tomorrow evening cos there is a party at my work. its a bit of a hassle to go there, its around Kozytagi....but we'll see. we have a movie day tomorrow.

ive been saving up the other cider that Arttu brought me. tonight is the night i think.

this is the kind of messages i get after each call and message. it appears on the screen automatically and says what was charged, and how much (money) i got left. and i guess at the end there might be some ads, i have no clue.

our house cat is taking it easy.

walking on the street with the doctor.

pet shop views....

and a video too;

while i love seeing these cute animals it breaks my heart if/when they look sick and dont have good conditions.

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