June 07, 2010

mosquito season is starting. red spots on my legs say so.

so another weekend in Capa spent. on saturday evening the doctor got a call from his friend who was visiting Istanbul. we went to meet her and her date in Taksim. they came back with us and she actually stayed with us until this morning. so in effect the weekend was somewhat social.

my life is settling in its new mold, and Miriam is just starting to set hers by planning some serious changes. moving to Nepal and teaching english to women there (in the countryside i think). how about that? i dont think i could do it.

it looks like i wont be able to use my 1000 txt messages quota before the 13th ( i have a monthly 10TL/1000 messages deal. ), but sending 200 in a month i think is pretty well done? yes, i send messages especially to the doctor just for fun since its free. time killer, since i dont yet have internet in my phone here.

blah i need to go to sleep.

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