June 02, 2010

whats honor

my home is starting to look like my home. a bit messy, stuff here and there... im slowly getting a grip of the work, getting more fluent at teaching and grasping how everything works at the workplace (office) in general. and the relationship seems stable, i feel strongly about it and it seems to just get better. so, minus the tenant-problem in Helsinki and the financial issues caused by that, things are quite alright i think. i continue to be grateful for the friendliness of the turks, the nice shop cashier, helpful bus driver and so on... i always find myself smiling when i go out.

i got an interview request from a local art mag today. they wanna feature my stuff and do an interview for which Mehmet Turgut (i have been explained he is "the suzi9mm of turkey" :)) would photograph me for. that should be interesting for sure, he added me in FB the other day, i am curious about meeting this photographer.

i got an email from my aunt today, mentioning the surgery my mom had yesterday. i thought it was some sort of knee thing, but it turned out her leg was so infected they had to "cut it off".

the mistakes i did today at work? what comes to mind is spelling humour, instead of humor... :( not only is it important to stick with one style consistently but we are advised to use american spelling. i do give common words in both UK and US of course, fall/autumn....la la laa.... what else, i think i was confusing them with some too complicated prepositions. oh and used the word "through", unnecessary at this point and hard to explain....

some Istanbul;
the city

kadiköy port

i decided i could get some more reading to accompany my Atatürk bio. how about honour killings. in Turkey especially. not perhaps quite as common as in some of the nearby countries but since im here, lets read about Turkey. below is a video on the subject, but the book i decided to get is Ayse Onal's Honour Killing: Stories of Men Who Killed. but Amazon UK is not willing to ship to Turkey. its nice i get occasionally reminded where i am.... buying online is not self evident anymore. another review of the book here.

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