September 17, 2010

i need to go buy a new hairspray

a local tailor. i had some minor things in my clothes to be fixed, a silk skirt had gotten caught somewhere and ripped, and the seam of my pants was opening. anyway i sat there while a guy (there were a few of them, working on their sewing machines) fixed my clothes in about 10 minutes. i paid something like 3 euros altogether. the sirt...i dont understand how he fixed it....there was a big V form cut and somehow ...well nevermind, they did a veeery good job.

dinner last night. got some take away and unlike usually, dessert as well. the main course is meat and veggies and cheese, casserole of some sort. i like the bean/onion/tomato salad. all this (bread slices included) 11tl -5.5e.

ive been shopping again, with my paypal money since i was broke here in "real life".

Threadless shirts...there was a $10 sale so i got two. the broken .jpg's one is my fav but the hairspray shirt is cute too.

eBay purchases: simple cotton dress with a white top insert. comfy and easy.

i got these over a week ago, a pair of sturdy and stylish leather heels... for work or anything else. gave me blisters on the ankles though...i need to figure something for that. but these shoes look very me.

comfy shoes... especially for work, i often stand in the class. to think of it, i think these look very 'teachery'...hehe.

veeeery comfy winter shoes by Dune. distressed red leather. i have a similar pair by Bronx in black but i left them in finland and they were pretty worn out anyway, i think i might have even thrown them in trash?

today is a cleaning day. im gonna pack away my summer clothes and shoes.

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