September 18, 2010

omg i got work tomorrow morning

since i got my salary yesterday (despite a txt message on wed claiming that salaries are available at 16:30, they werent...) i went out today to buy things i need. hair dye (2.5), stockings, hair spray, toothpaste, a bread knife (1.75e)....

the pharmacy didnt have my meds as is often the case but they then ask me to sit down and wait while they go fetch it from another pharmacy, there is one in every streetcorner and sometimes a few in between... the pharmacist speaks english and he promised to keep a pack of my meds on the shelf from now on especially for me, so i think i will be going there from now on.

but the plastic bag-mania keeps bugging me. no matter how many bags im already carrying, and no matter how small the item i buy is, they enthusiastically try to shove it in yet another bag that i could carry home and throw in the trash. ive learned to say "i dont need a bag" in turkish for this purpose. my flat is full of plastic bags...i try to keep collecting them but somehow theres always a few around. well, they are easy to get rid of so i guess my problem could be bigger, but still, its a nuisance.

today i bought several small items from a mixed stuff/hardware store. the seller was about to start packing a bowl i bought (with paper, to avoid it from breaking - which is considerate) but i grabbed it and put it in the bag i already had, and then took some of the other stuff too...but meanwhile he started packing the bread knife... again, nice and considerate but the amount of paper and time that was wasted... and still i managed to not notice or stop him when he put the knife and the rest of the things in a new bag. my efforts to avoid bags are futile, i dont react fast enough and if the item is already in the bag and then i pull it out i think it might seem offensive. its not that i want to disrespect anyones fancy plastic bags, but they make life more difficult. i am often shopping with my fabric bag, but nevertheless if im not fast enough, i end up with plastic bags along the side.

i actually wore the same color on my toe nails all summer, pure red. i think its time to change and i bought black nail polish today (25 e-cents).

my mom wanted a white coffin and yellow flowers on top. and everytime i visited she kept saying that in *this* drawer all the important papers are ready, the will and whatever. this family friend/nurse Kirsi, i was always told she will help with the funeral and stuff. that she does, i am thankful. still, its so weird when that day comes. suddenly its hard to remember the details... it took me 2 days to remember there was a will to begin with although the content was often discussed. its weird we never actually talked about who to invite to the funeral. or maybe we did and i forgot.

im wondering if wellingtons would be nice and cool fall-shoes for work? its gonna rain a lot i think.

i keep liking Cocteau Twins.

Massive Attack: Paradise Circus (Uncensored)

IKEA let kitties loose

i just came from the grocery store but then realized i need more Coke Zero. gotta go to the shop in the corner later... im not a fan of Coke as some people though, but in lack of other options its my choice in Turkey. id reaaaaally love Sprite zero. i think i know what im drinking in finland. besides cider.

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