September 16, 2010

yay for non-stop fights

EU commissioner Viviane Reding compared France's gypsy deportations to acts of the nazis. right. deporting a few thousand homeless/jobless begging gypsies by putting them on a plane and flying them to their home country is the same as genocide? well, it didnt occur to me. why isnt anyone asking EU member Romania what they are going to do about the fleeing gypsies, what are they going to do to help their conditions and to give them better lives in their home country? i mean theres a reason theyre all over europe, things are not well in Romania. but so the other countries have to feed and offer shelter to whomever gets the idea to come and sit on the street corner? yes, we are providing their illegal camps electricity etc, taking some to shelter during the winter.

refugees is another topic but the begging gypsies from romania - i agree with Sarkozy that they should be sent back home. criminal activity is often related to their presence theres no denying that either. finland should follow france but we would never dare to do it before sweden did. and they wont cos they are happy babysitting just about anyone.

well. the night is still young (22:41). i feel likei could finally meet people. im going out to see Volkan.

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