September 16, 2010

under a rock

Miriam left this morning, i took her to the bus that goes to the airport (E-10 from kadiköy port). i wasnt such great company the past few days, and thats a pity. we were supposed to go to a Hamam too but i just couldnt bring myself to it, i just had absolutely no interest. i still feel a bit hazy, but im doing organizing and have contact with relatives etc over phone/skype/email/txts. oh i can only imagine the phone bill...although my aunt for example is considerate and calls my turkish number, so im not charged at all.

True Blood finale was a bit of a disappointment. Sookie going on and off with Bill, everyone else doing their own usual thing and no sex and no naked Eric.

my new class yesterday with the 2 students was interesting. so far students always new a couple words of english, "my name is...", and some names of countries and numbers or so... but these guys...they are absolute beginners. apparently some people manage to hide from english altogether. quite challenging. pronunciation seems to be quite an issue, we practised words like "your", "united states" and "three" quite long. i can associate with their problems, it's like me trying to learn arabic suddenly. i was gonna say turkish, but turkish and finnish have grammatical similarities, while english is something completely different. she and he? suddenly they must learn genders and prefixes :( however, i liked it.

on the weekend we should start cleaning up the doctors flat in Capa. put the stuff together that he is bringing here and so on. then the next weekend we should move him here. i somehow feel good that when i go to finland and return, there is someone in my home waiting for me. the timing of this is just right.

Arttu signed up to come to the funeral with me. its actually quite nice and i appreciate it.

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