September 22, 2010

a pair of Christian Loubuitin's, perhaps? yes, as soon as i got the cash

i created a grooveshark playlist for finnish music. its pop/rock... which is not what finns are good at. but im not into metal so someone else can work on that.

i need to be more open about shoe shopping. i have to come out of the closet and say im a shoe collector. i am tired of the "you have a lot of shoes!" comments. i am ALLOWED to have - i COLLECT them. ive decided that its an acceptable hobby and can be useful too...

my teacher-look tonight;

some clothes i got last week when we were actually shopping for the doctor;

a pure red knit sleeveless dress

purple skirt

the doctor is moving here in 2 days. im nervous and excited. he wants to try fit his couch in the bedroom. my sense of space and size say its not a good idea but i decided to be flexible and give it a try, we can always change it i guess. perhaps it works. and if it makes him happy, ok.

a very finnish phone conversation (translated) with my uncle -father's brother- whom i havent seen or spoken to in perhaps 5 or so years.
uncle: XXX speaking
me: it's jenni.
uncle: hi
me: hi, did i call at a bad time?
uncle: nooo.
me: okay... well, i just wanted to invite you to my moms funeral.
uncle:...where are you now, here in Sysmä or?
me: in Turkey
uncle: oh... on vacation or?
me: no - i live here
uncle: oh, live... and u got a job there?
me: yeah i do
uncle: i see...and a man of course?
me: heh, sure... i do
uncle: finnish?
me: not finnish...
uncle: ok. so how long have u been there?
me: since early april.... returning perhaps next year or so....
uncle: i see. and when are you coming here now?
me: next week... i will handle some paper work and so.
uncle: so whats your job?
me: english teacher
uncle: oh... okay thats good
me: yeah, i teach adults, not children
uncle: ok... well its good to be abroad
me: yes, to see some different things...
uncle: to get civilized
me: yeah... so, october 2nd is the funeral date...
uncle: okay, at the church ground?
me: yes, at 10
uncle: and the memorial after?
me: at the XX cafe
uncle: ok... i see
me: so, i hope to see you there then
uncle: yes....alright...bye

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