October 10, 2010


its a birthday day for doctor. i got up first and made coffee which i took to the bed. but we still need to do cleaning and set up things since the move.

an article on Consequences of U.S. and Dutch Approaches to Teen Sex

Sabiha Gökçen airport. nice on the inside, too. Sabiha was the first female combat pilot. this airport won the Best Airport prize in the low cost airlines division. Sabiha is used by Turkish Airlines, Norwegian, Easy Jet and some German and French companies, amongst others.

we managed to put the carpets in each room and walking barefoot is nicer now (the floor is tiled). and doctor is installing his W7 again. plus Volkan talked him into installing Ubuntu on the side... lets see how that goes, im curious. we were out last night with Volkan and Ilcin and then came across some friends in the bar. actually we went to teir home first and Volkan had me taste the cider he's made. he's been talking about giving it a try and i was rather skeptical, as the finnish ciders i offered him to taste are so sweet and artificial... and very fuckin good. however, somehow, magically, he managed to produce nearly identical drink. i really liked it, fruity, and gas from mineral water and 6%... what more could i ask :)

my gift to doctor was YSL's L'Homme eau de toilette. smells great. he seemed happy. and tonight i took him out to eat.

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