October 08, 2010


i was offered a class for friday and in need of work/money i have to accept it although it means i am working 6 days a week then. only a couple hours at a time usually, but it kind of kills the day, cant go out of the city or anything. plus commuting times are long... anyhow, it's a private student, 14 yr old boy. and he's quite good, not a beginner at all. he's fun. and despite the class being at 17:30, i still get to come home right before the doctor - for once! usually hes sitting here "waiting for me" all evening. at least theoretically.

also, i was informed i could finally(!) become a full time teacher, which means they will try arrange me more work (well, evenings are booked now so perhaps ill get day-classes) and pay me a monthly salary in any case. thats a relief.

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amandarini said...

and as your life is full of changes it's funny how some things never change. yes u can't do nothing about it and yes it dosen't worth your time but still it's good to know.


(you have to be log in to fb to see it and it's u! :P)