January 17, 2011

a few meters here or there

i sold my E71 for 200tl/100e which was good cos i found out that (of course...) shops dont like to buy "registered" phones, which means phones from abroad - because buyers are suspicious about those, sometimes a registered phone could suddenly get blocked or whatever. the real estate agent from whom we got the new flat from however had a friend in a shop and so we were able to make a deal.

also, i found out that there is no easy way to make the E71 turkish, the language options were EN, FI and SE. but the shop accepted it.

we also signed the contract for the new flat :) and paid the 1000USD deposit and first rent and real estate's commission. now i think we are effectively broke :D i am getting my teaching salary tomorrow and almost all of it goes into the things i just listed. hopefully at the end of the week im getting the salary from my new job and that helps a bit.

the landlord of the current flat was not happy to hear that i am leaving and said that i wont get the deposit back until he finds a new tenant. ive heard of this happening to others too, so. still, i think its really unfair. so is me leaving on 2 weeks notice though... anyway i am doing my bestest to find a new tenant to remedy the situation.

a swedish guy started at the new job today. hmm, how long am i going to call it 'the new job'? lets just say web admin job. or job. simple as that. everything else is something else. the swede is called Daniel and he is nice. and i felt like a happy camper today in general.

while signing the contract we also asked about the size of the flat. 120m2. yeah. well. alright then. why do i feel ashamed???! and i asked how old i the flat - 20 years. but 7 years ago they added some steel structures to support it against earthquakes. and apparently that explain some of the weird forms we see in there.

this is my artistic view based on a few funny measurements i took. many small corners and weird things as displayed here. there is still something off with the end of the livingroom and the small room next to the balcony, their form was so funny. it bugs me i admit. so i didnt turn into an architect overnight, damn. but i admit i took a sleeping pill last night to be able to sleep 'from this'. the form of the building just doesnt quite match... :(

i want to paint some walls and use decoration stickers.

and really i should just go to bed before i go crazy with all this. the bloody floorplan is killing me.

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