January 19, 2011

Tricks and treats

i was annoyed by all the documents that Vodafone was demanding for me to become their customer. so when on Istiklal street today i saw another Vodafone shop, i figured there they might be more open to paying customers. i was correct. after a passport copy and a signature on a contract (which i suppose they will fill in later, or not?), i had a new sim card. i am expecting problems though since everyone that i know who changed carriers had their phone 'down' for a couple of days in between. oh well. the good thing is i am learning turkish ways of managing things...

my residence permit renewal appointment is on friday morning. yesterday my employer, the school, informed me that oh btw u need to have 3000tl on your (turkish!) account and a bank statement of it. i do know that for the permit one must have 300$ for each month, but previously the school has had ... ways...of handling it. anyway, so i went to the office today, they gave me the 3000 and i am going tomorrow to deposit it, then ask for a statement, and then withdraw and return the money. what a hassle :( especially since this must be done at the very same branch where the account has been opened, other brances do not give out bank statements. lollers.

today my doctor called me while i was at work, it went like this;
D: hi kulta, would u like to go to IKEA tonight?
me: ...how...are we going?
D: i got a car
me: oh, like, did someone borrow?
D: no i bought a car
me: ...you bought a car??

...after which my co-workers were laughing. well we'd discussed getting the car but in the end his quick moves often surprise me. its a cute black car with 4 wheels and 4 doors etc... we named her Gunilla. i am thinking of getting those race car stripes on her at some point...

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