January 31, 2011


i found a large supermarket 100m from our flat. the outside was not very compelling and i was afraid it would be a small store but i was pleasantly surprised. they also had a meat counter. and a ton of different kind of cheeses...but i know nothing about them so im not very keen on trying any. there werent many frozen veggies unfortunately so i had to go to the fresh vegetables section. it was luckily quite big so there where items even i could recognize and buy. im cooking in the new home since last night :) also, washing plenty of laundry.

i took the curtain fabric to a curtain maker and i think hes pissed i didnt buy the fabric from his shop cos i feel he is overcharging for the work. but i didnt want to go find another place so i let him do them. i obviously didnt buy fabric from his cos its a very traditional shop, with dark earthy tones which turks like. or fancy white laces. i dig the ikea fabrics, 'scuse me. (i got BRITTEN NUMMER).

burger king is also 100m from us. not that i go there often but it good to have... and there was a large puzzle shop! i want to take up the puzzle hobby again! also a bookstore, or a few are nearby (my nearby is within 200m).

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