January 30, 2011

settling down in Moda

the moving is done. the moving company arrived at 10past 8am and left the new flat exactly 2 hours later- so i think that was quite effective. then we started the unpacking work... and a plummer came in the afternoon to look at the other toilet which is still broken. he couldnt fix it now either and will return later - we need to cut water from the whole building. later we went to Koctas, local cheap version of furnoture&hardware store together, and then IKEA. i have to say i didnt like many of the Koctas furniture.. but they had some lamps and rugs and things which were nice. .

our moving company help, one driving, two sitting at the back of the truck while we went to sit in the front.

from IKEA i got ANTONIUS drawer for clothes and MULIG rack for the same purpose. and then loads of small things. and next week when doctor gets his salary we should go one more time (until next month or so). now im just setting up things and organizing and then we will see what else is needed. slowly all the ugly/old/broken furniture should be switched to new ones, one by one... my computer table included. and we should get the rugs into the car so doctor and take them to a carpet wash. a few of them will into the washing machine though.

the shower cabin we had custom made and installed (62x100cm), sitting on light marble attached to floor by silicone. 265tl/130e.

the water valve found in the stairway of each apartment building, each floor (as each floor typically only has one flat). this is also where the water company comes to check your usage and write a bill. feel free to cut your neighbors water supply.

the guest room was made into a temporary storage. we have almost emptied it by now :)

corner of the old bedroom , behind the wardrobe. much worse (and smellier) in real life. today the landlord is painting over it for the new tenant. they are talking about fixing the wall from outside to prevnt this from happening but i wonder...

on the bus the other day, going to work, i noticed this neon painted ram on the side of the road.

tonight there as an important foorball match, the voices from the bars downstairs (street next to us) reached us well. and last night we could hear some music also. but im not bothered by sounds of life outside - almost the opposite. at least since its not too loud.

yesterday was our 10 month anniversary too :)

i often cook with leek, its one of my favorites.

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