January 27, 2011

going against the flow

so things are going less smooth. its turning out to be a tough week. moving in general is tough but in turkey its extra tough. and cell service providers are adding their own spice in the works.

yesterday i was supposed to work a lot. in the afternoon however the electricity was cut in the building and that was that then. i went with K├╝bra to Vodafone to ask wtf is the "information mismatch" they refer to in the sms i got. they said it must be that Turkcell did not - when registering my information - write anything (more than X's) to mothers name, fathers name, birth place and mothers maiden name -fields, which Vodafone requires to be properly filled. these 4 facts are very important in turkey, so one better know both of their parents names or make something up fast. anyway, so, then we go to Turkcell and queue there for a change. as a side note, i of course remember filling those exact fields when i applied for Turkcell's connection, those lazy fucks just didnt bother transferring the info on the computer. it said "AA" and "BB" in those fields now... anyhow, so what they did is take a paper, white my phone number and the said information on it and fax it somewhere. i will (hopefully) get an sms when someone has updated my info. now im just waiting for that. thanks Turkcell!

then, the gas company informed us they are coming to the new flat to open the gas and someone needs to be there between 9 and 11. so, instead of making up for yesterday and working a full day, i had to go there in the morning. after not sleeping more than a blink during the night cos of my stress i was not a happy camper sitting in the cold flat for 2 hours waiting for a gas installer who never came..... and that was after i noticed the water HAS been opened, however NEITHER of the 2 toilets work at all! WTF! also, the water pressure from the taps is pathetic and the kitchen faucet actually isnt properly attached, its very loose. and i could add the shower is dripping water too (but thats nothing compared to the bathroom sink faucet in the old flat, which is not dripping anymore but running. since december.) but thats a minor detail at this point...

what really upset me also that the shower floor drain was done poorly yesterday by the plummer, just as i feared. but there was just nothing to do to prevent it i guess. i dont have the language skills, all i can do is keep nagging to doctor that i want the shower drain done well. and hed also said that to the plummer. and this is what he did and now... nothing. correcting a shitty job or taking any responsibility for your work is not part of the repertoire here. the general consensus is that if somethiing more less works, be happy and shut up, quality or long term planning and functionality are very secondary. i just feel powerless and helpless. i see risks and there is nothing i can do to prevent them from happening :(

then theres the toilet door that is not fixed, its just hanging in there... the real estate agent has been saying they will fix it for a week now but its just another thing in the list of stuff that is NOT happening. i can just be pissed and vent it onto doctor and push him to do this or that or whatever i think is we should do. sometimes we agree and sometimes not, but of course him having to do everything is stressful for both of us.

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