January 16, 2011

i wouldnt call it an obsession

i couldnt sleep cos i was thinking about the placement of the mirror in the hall and the coat racks...and where are we buying those from btw? IKEA? if we dont have a car by then, im not sure. doctor went this morning for the car he was planning on buying, and spent 100tl on a service check up just to find out it had major problems. so hes not buying it.

i looked at the video i shot of the flat and now i know where the mirror and coats go. but. what about my shoes? i could set up a shelf system in the living room but i wonder if doctor will let me. but my shoes need to go SOMEWHERE after all?

to my dismay i had to find out that the turkish IKEA has a different and apparently a smaller selection of products than the finnish one. i am finding some nice things on the finnish site but they dont exist at the turkish site :(

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