January 23, 2011

interior designer at work

today was loooong. we got up late and then went around to try to find IKEA. i had a dream of a big red and soft couch and from the discount section (where they sell the showroom items) we found just that for 450tl :) and a perfect matching red cover. also, i got the LACK-shelf i wanted from there. however WE had to dissemble and pack it for the delivery service to bring them to us. the packing materials at IKEA were pretty poor so i wonder what the shelf will look like when it arrives. the delivery is on tuesday so i should be at the new flat then - they are being delivered there.

this is the red KIVIK couch.

we actually didnt spent too much in IKEA, but thats mostly because we were now on a mission to get only emergency stuff. carpets and everything else has to be acquired later when we can be certain of our needs and requirments. however it looks like our home is going to be beautiful as i had hoped :)

i am now looking for wall stickers to decorate the walls a little. me and doctor have quite a different taste when it comes to decoration and furniture and that, but luckily i am in charge of home interiors so i have more power when we are shopping for those things.

last night we had dinner with some friends. they live on our new home street also. at the end of the night there as a kitty outside the balcony door. we invited the kitty in and fed her/him the rest of the pork we had.

som of the dinner stuff. yummy.

a kitty in a shop.

the Vodafone-saga continues. i did expect problems, and sure enough there are some. i got an sms yesterday saying that Vodafone cant open the connection because my personal information doesnt match...with some other information. i know that the official registry has a typo in my name. also when i opened the connection with Turkcell, i recall them making a typo in my first name. but we went to Turkcell today and i guess they had fixed it at some point cos it was not there anymore. anyway i should -of course-walk back to the first store and ask them wtf - to which they might say they dont know...blah blah blah... we shall see.

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