January 24, 2011

my feet and back are aching and its only monday

all these extra costs from moving are starting to depress me. thats what i get for wanting a nicer home i guess. some of them will pay themselves back and deposit are deposits (260tl for gas for instance), but nevertheless, a lot of money at once. the shower cabin is also turning more expensive than was expected.

of course at times all this makes me wonder wtf am i doing. and its not just me, we are a team of 2. all the wall art -stuff is so expensive too, not saying a sticker isnt worth 50tl/25e... but its a lot right now anyway.

i have some plans for extra income luckily. it just means working hard for the next month or so... one website project thingy with my interesting neighbor and one private English student.

today i went to buy paint to paint some of the furniture, i got spray paints. of course it was a hassle, trying to explain what i want and communicating some things and questions but at least i beleive i got what i want.

we were supposed to meet a shower cabin seller at 7pm. we waited for him at the new flat for an hour and 25min. i swear if there was another shop anywhere within sight i would have gone there instead. i was really pissed when he arrived. anyway doctor has already done a lot of calling around and we dont have another evening to spent waiting for someone so we made a deal with him. i hope he is more professional with his shower cabin installations than his timing. then, we still need to break the floor to make a proper drain. we called one plummer and he said 150tl plus WE should go and buy some tiles, that somewhat match the old ones (??!!!). i am getting a little worried here.

tomorrow the ikea stuff should arrive at the new flat and i need to be there for them. also curtain rails need to be installed.

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