February 14, 2011

shoe central

i dont know of a way to save shoe size in eBay searches... annoying. my shoe size remains constant, and if not, i could change the settings, but it should be possible to save it. im hunting shoes again, its been weeks since i last did - i think. i am looking for Bronx's -as always, and Irregular Choice and Louboutins. and Love Label.

today one of my Mango-boots broke :S i was walking and suddenly the other one started feeling different - the full wood sole had a crack in it... i managed to walk but after work i asked around for a shoemaker and found one nearby Istiklal street. very old fashioned place it was... they took a few minutes to glue and hit nails on the sole and then i was good to go again. 3tl (1.5e).

we went for a valentines day dinner last night. i had eggplant iskender. with tasty meat in between. after the meal the water brought us a small dessert, on the house. i love when they do that.

a book store (i think), after closing. this kitty was right by the window, sitting on a pile of books and the doggie was hanging out in the backround. this shop is close to our home.

the night table i spray painted yesterday. i left the light blue drawer as it is. looks like the white paint is not completely even...what a surprise?

yesterday we set a 5l bottle of juices and sugars and yeast to start fermenting... in 10 days we will see if theres cider or if we failed miserably. but if Volkan can do it, maybe we can also... to be honest doctor did the hard work, i watched and did nothing :( he wants to make me happy cos i miss cider so much.

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