March 25, 2011

200e/month gas bill=lets turn heating off=broke and freezing

yesterday i went to Erenköy with Melisa to get my eyebrows and eyeliners done with permanent makeup, which sounds nicer than a 3-year tattoo. but long story shot, i only got the eyebrows this time, i might get the liners in 2 weeks.

we ha a bit of a "discussion" with the artist himself and the beauty parlour owner regarding the style and form of the brows though, which i was more less expecting. beauty ideals do vary from country to country and they were keen on giving me a very foxy turkish look with thick dark brows and a strong angle. they argued it would look the most natural and so on. i disagree, and its my face so i am right. i fought my way through to what i wanted but i still might need to get some changes done (=longer line at the ends) when i go for a check up in 2 weeks. after over 2 hours everyone was pretty tired. anyway, i am happy with the result for now, after the extra color comes off etc etc i will see how they really look...

i realized that a photo showing all of the face would give a better overall view but oh well, i know what i look like, here is the bepanthen covered EYE BROW. shorter than the old one for sure. i like them and so does everyone else actually.

i think this was on monday, in the hallway when i was leaving to work.

a view from our office window, to some backyard. every floor is painted with a diffeerent is...interesting :)

i figured i should follow how my skin changes over the years with close ups of the same place. this is where my first lines appeared yeaaars ago, so its a good spot to look at. i should have started the project earlier though.

i forgot pics from the birthday party. lotsa good food :P

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laura.sirkia said...

Nice with more photos! :)