March 19, 2011

back then

while taking about blogs with a co-worker today (the finnish one, who started this week, Laura), she mentioned that mine is not so much about myself. its lingered in my head since. i know i mainly write about shit thats not not very personal. clothes. food. basically things around me. im relying on them to describe me. at least its enough for myself. sometimes i have these spurs though, when i would like to write something random, old stuff, but im never by the computer at that time. and the feeling passes.

i remember when i was 8-12 or something. vaguely, lol. there was one guy in our village who got a computer, Mikko. it was a Commodore 64. not that i ever saw it. but i think he talked about the games in school. we were friends. and we both liked watching McGyver. besides Mikko, i was friends with Johanna. she was my best friend in fact. also especially before age 10, i was friends with the girl in the neighboring house (900m away or so); Tanja. but she got stuck in the first grade and then she was moved to another school so naturally over the years we lost contact. or perhaps our lives just went different directions then already. i dont know if she is on Facebook, at least i didnt see her.

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