March 18, 2011

well, what now?

im annoyed by almost all women taking their husband's last name, still, in 2011. surely one can explain that its easier with paperwork and also underlines them being a couple if there is a common last name but with that logic it ought to be 50/50 - men taking women's surnames. but no, deep down somewhere people are still going with the patriarchal shit... there is also the option of having 2 surnames. which can be complicated and so on... but there IS the choice of keeping one's own. i think i also remember hearing the explanation that it wuld be weird then if the children and father have the same surname but the mother has another. the part i dont get is where children HAVE TO get their fathers surname, instead of their moms? argh. i guess since "everyone else" is doing it, it seems to just be easier to go that way... i suppose everyone feels like they have their reasoning, someone likes their husband's last name better and so on... but im sitting here unimpressed.

there are a lot of things waiting to be done but im rather not doing anything. ops. im reading his book now that i received last week; The Women of Deh Koh: Lives in an Iranian Village by Erika Friedl. its interesting, the stories told by the people and how the life is described. it makes me just want to go to Iran more and more.

doctor got a package of modafinil from the pharmacy. it is 130tl/65e without prescription - so, quite expensive, but it is used for narcolepsy mainly i think. its useful for when u are really tired but need to concentrate on something. so doctor might need it for his studies, his specialization exam is again in may. and well, if i have a very tired day, i wont mind taking one. but i dont have those often lately. i think i have gotten better at sleeping somehow. im trying to go to bed early, and im waking up usually after 8, sometimes after 9. it is a decent compromise.

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Jim said...

I may have mentioned the idea by writer Arthur C Clarke which I always liked: When a man and woman have a boy child, it gets his surname; when they have a girl child, it gets hers. I think I would like to practice that in my own life. :)