March 18, 2011

just another bite

electricity smells funny. just saying.

i have this travel itch and it is bad... i want to go to Dubai cos Anas (whom i met in Damascus for an afternoon) moved there to work for an ad agency. i am not so sure about Dubai in general, i have the impression that its just beaches and shopping malls. and Melisa who just got back from a trip there confirmed this. anyway, i want to see all kinds of places and its always nice to have a friend show u around. Dubai is quite close i gather, so why not, if ever. and i feel like we didnt have enough time when we last met with Anas, i have been really looking forward to meet him again. i think he is 24 or something, very nice friendly graphic designer or something of the sorts, he was just finishing his school a year ago when we met. we know each other from deviantArt.

i need to confirm my days off from work and then im booking flights.

also i should think about my trip to finland... i would like to go around midummer. with doctor, if possible. direct flights are 240e at the moment.

tomorrow Tamer has the joined birthday party. i invited girls from work to come also. lets see how many ppl we get there.

im thinking about the home decoration stuff. its annoying when u know that in less than a year we might need to find a new flat again. the owner might want to rent it this flat as a commercial space again - but i dont know if its certain yet. i think we should actually ask perhaps,. if we know for sure we need to leave next january, well...

i have noticed the comments and attitude towards the "snake biting a womans breast dies of silicone poisoning" are often malicious towards her and many like specifically express their pity towards the snake. which i suppose is a transparent comment against silicones. i see the humor in this case of course, but thats where it ends. from what i saw in the video, the snake was not mishandled or treated badly really. just your usual 'someone posing with a snake' thing, and i could always imagine that pissing off the snake. for a moment i imagined if the case was about a guy. posing with the snake, to the camera, just as we see in the video. and the snake had bit the guys arm which had an aluminium bone because he had broken his arm before. and then the snake had died of aluminium poisoning. well, i doubt there would be too much pity for the snake. this is all about attacking "HER VANITY", she deserved the bite for being so vain and so "plastic" (regardless if tens of thousands of men do drool over her photos, i assume since i hear she is a model) - and the snake, well, poor thing, he died because of her vanity and possible other implied negative characteristics. i mean these things do go together dont they; vain, superficial, stupid, selfish and probably slutty too (whatever that means). ?

snakes are known to attack if pissed, so playing around with them is always risky, cant blame the snake either. but i think the reaction i see is saddening anyway; "haa haa titty-blonde got what she deserved".

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