April 23, 2011


the stress for finding another small couch (cheap) has gotten almost unbearable. the deadline is the housewarming party and thats a week away. ive managed to make one bloody couch a huge issue. and of course there are the requirements style and color wise although im willing to get a new fabric cover and whatnot if everything else matches. the difficult part is that there are zero turkish couches that are even near our style. ive seen a few very simple modern couches in 1 color and they were fancy expensive leather ones, or cheap fake leather copies of those... so basically we are limited to IKEA. ive been browsing sahibinden.com for used couches but it all seems problematic, someone doent answer emails, one couch was sold before we got to call them... also our car is small and then delivery becomes an issue too (one that can be solved with money, which should then be considered in the overall cost...). i need to note that the value of 2nd hand furniture (or anything) is quite high in turkey. the 2nd hand price can be often around 70% of the original one, and doesnt typically go much under 50% until the condition is very poor or the item very old/ugly. this means i got good money for my Nokia E71, though. but it also means a used iphone 4 is much more expensive than a new one in finland. smooth transition to phones...

on thursday we got just a few small things from IKEA. another hand towel, a pan, a ladle for punch, a new punch bowl, some fabric for my artworks, and a white LACK coffee table, the medium size one.

i feel like maybe going out a bit tonight although the budget is getting tighter towards the end of the month. also, going out probably means getting up later tomorrow...and this is our decoration weekend big time... hmm.

the kitchen is now full of all sizes of bottles and cans of fruit wines, or ciders as i like to see them. the last big tank is almost ready... some of them turned out ok, some less so... we are very much in the learning phase still. and we didnt drink much of them yet, only the first 4 l try out with our friends, and now ive had like 3 glasses of the 3rd. the 2nd (apple-pineapple) was pretty hideous. i dont like how the bottles are all around the floor but the "alcohol cabinet" is full too, we've somehow managed to stack so much booze it is all over the place. we just arent drinking any. but thats fine, the party is coming up...

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