April 22, 2011

easter is more east than east

ive been working on this software user manual this week... since i arrived and was informed the old company doesnt exist anymore, everything is in a bit of a hold and ... well, i dont know what im doing when i finish this. there will apparently be something though.

yesterday we went to IKEA again. the struggle to furnish our home continues.

so the finnish parliamentary election went straight to hell. now im looking to see what happens at the turkish election in june.

Essence.com wrote this story on 10 guys women should give another chance. there are short guys, overweight guys, unemployed guys etc...but this topped it; the cave man". a guy who has dirt under his nails and whose breath smells...i should be his mom and try teach him the basics of hygiene...? and hope for the best? i think i wont get close enough to want to try. what an idiotic list.

my boyfriend just described a person as "a good tampon". this was somehow descripting their social behavior. ...

some recent shoe purchases - im into big clogs lately i guess...

my shoe-look today.

a handbag i got from Dubai (Aldo). i needed a bigger one.

at the port this morning. a doggy was hanging out.

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