April 10, 2011

hair dye day

on friday doctor informed me during the work day that his car had disappeared. we were hoping it was towed by the cops and not stolen... and it was. surprising, since when did anyone care about parking rules and regulations? anyway... Gunilla had been taken to Moda Otopark and doctor found her there. the cost of this episode was 140tl/70e. :(

and on saturday we blew a fuse, the main one. doctor had to go to the hallway to try turn it on but it wouldnt, so he concluded there is a problem somewhere... we kept turning off the fuse switches for each room until we found the right one. and then, taking off plugs to find the right spot. it was the one the dishwasher was using. so i suppose its...somehow fucked inside? :(

every few days there seem to be some hardships here... one day the washing machine breaks... then the gas bill is more than cleaners monthly salary... then ... it never ends. and we didnt even get the electricity bill yet, everyone else in the house is getting but not us. its annoying because i dont want it to grow to a big surprise. doctor went to the electricity company once already and they promised to send someone over to check. i guess someone came over because the rest of the building had yet again received their bills, i saw them in the hall. ours just wasnt included. and calling is useless cos u cant get through. so i guess he just has to go there again personally... how fucked up is that, going to an energy supplier in person, begging for the bill?? and not getting it??

despite all the shit, things are otherwise good... the love is blooming and so we are feeling stable and happy. weird to think its been a year and 13 days now... also since my arrival to turkey :) i didnt have a specific plan but i think i somewhat passed my expectations regarding time.

anyway, today the wall paint was dry(beautiful white!!) so we put some stuff on walls and rearranged the room. doctor is in love with the white too and now wants to paint the whole flat white. well, me too but first i want to know more from the landlord to figure if its worth it or not...

world map on the wall. we spent quite a while trying to figure which part goes where.

and a tablecloth. map of turkey between two sheets of plastic. i figured we need something turkish in the home too and i can educate myself while we eat.

i was in this bar on friday with Volkan & friends; the bar doesnt even have a license i guess cos they go and fetch the drinks from another bar.

oh and this video by Nike Foundation; Girl Effect, is great. very simplified and so, but i believe its true. i think its been proven it is.

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