April 10, 2011

small adjustments

the painter came, painted and we are happy. livingroom is spacious and white. in the afternoon i sneaked out and went to Erenköy with my friend to this clinic to get Botox. now i have to wait a few days for the effects to start...but the full effect takes 3 weeks to develop. i basically wanted to try how well it works for raising my eyebrows and then to stop me from frowning - i dont have any wrinkles yet but studies say the inability to frown dampens the negative emotions too... which makes sense, the mind communicates to the body and body (usually) communicates back. i want to fuck with that system a little.

the clinic i went to is Flavius. the doctor there is apparently famous, and famous people go to him. fancy place, like a Villa. i got about 12 shots i think, all over, to affect the necessary muscles for the desired effect.

i should go back for my permanent make up 2nd round, theres a couple spots that need more color and then i wanna do the eyeliners again. and then i could use some filler in my upper lip, hyaluronic acid. i did that a few times in 2004 or so, but it was so bloody expensive and only lasts for less than a year... here, the prices are different so i can consider all these nice things again :)

for a week now doctor and me have been doing sports at home, hes my personal trainer :P and a very good one at that, i think. we are especially focusing on my feet, the heel spurs require stretching etc. to get better. but so im on my way to getting healthier i think. that reminds me, i should go cook something healthy...:P

shiny white walls

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