June 04, 2011


i returned to Bachelor after like a year's break (or has it been more?), they have made new seasons. its hilarious, suddenly like 15 women are talking about how they are reaaally falling in love with this one guy and kissing him in turns. and this guy -Brad Womack- is all american, and a good guy im sure but he is just letting out these cliches and empty lines ... im afraid i cant take it seriously at all.

also there are new seasons of Ultimate Fighter. yay! i actually kind of stopped following MMA aroud the time i moved here. thats unfortunate.

im tackling with the problem of how to get internet in my flat in helsinki when we go there on holiday. there are options and there options... im trying to find the best one. k├╝bra might be staying in that flat for july, arriving just a day after me and then switching place with my cousin at the end of the month. so its a busy flat...

i got this ring and matching earrings yesterday on my way to work.

i was out in the bar last night with Volkan, Ilcin and some other friends. its nice to be in a bar where u arrive and the staff is immediately looking for a chair for u to sit in a full table :) we also got a big fruit plate on the house :P later we went to Hera where the canadian DJ played Iggy Pop's Passenger which i love deeply. i was quite happy. after coming home i decided to go back to the nearby fastfood place and left the shoes home, its only like 150m away... i love running around on my bare feet, and the nights are nice and warm now. but they had ran out of moussaka by then! argh.

last night

so last night was good, and today is nice too. ok lets just admit it altho its not very finnish - the day is awesome. im having a lazy saturday. the weather is beautiful and nicely warm, 24C or so. i was laying on the couch with the window open next to it, listening to the sounds from the street. different kinds of cars driving by, people talking, sellers selling... and birds singing too. and i thought, what a nice home i have and everything is really quite ok. its a good day to make some earthquake plans. i started collecting items for an earthquake-bag, which should be by the door... me and doctor also need a meeting point, or 2, on both continents. but then, after such an event he should really get to work... and naturally me too and everyone else who can. so ill just concern myself with the very basics now, the bag and meeting points. thats a start :)

my Syrian friend Anas in Dubai said in FB that they cut off the internet in Syria - not good. shit there is just getting worse.... why do i feel like the finnish media is not really paying attention to it the same way as with the other countries? in fact, is anyone paying attention? its getting quite rough there :(

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