August 27, 2011


i went to the nail salon yesterday, got my nails fixed and and tried a pink french manicure. at the salon there is this young girl, shes been there the past 3 or so times (months) i went, and i talked with the owner, who says the girl is there to learn the trade. basically she serves the customers tea or whatever, and sits by the table and follows closely. i wonder how much she is going to learn by watching? okay, maybe a lot. it just doesnt seem like the most efficient way to learn.. but she is on summer holiday and probably has nothing else to do....i dunno. all salons, shops and places in general are full of these youngsters...helping out their relatives or sent their by their mom maybe... they hang around and take on small tasks. deliver foor for me for example when i order take out. anyway, then there is this dog, Ares, at the salon, and white kitty whose name i keep forgetting. the kitty is persion and rather uninterested in everyone.

after salon i went to buy underwear and then some new 'jewellery' from Tamer's shop. found these rings. 3 for 4tl/1,5e. and i was really surprised they were selling these plasticy shopping bags, and one of them was themed by the finnish lottery. it said "elämä voi muuttua." (life can change). i had to buy it, just for the sake of it. maybe i should have left ot for someone else to find.

the mirror-ring is tasteless by all standard but well... i needed something. its been months since i bought anything. or a month. for a westerner living in a country with growing economy that is a long time.

3 brown kitties, in a line. the sight amused me.

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