September 14, 2011

bing - ive lost track of days

i went to the clinic for my health report. eye sight was tested as i am accustomed to, sitting further and covering the other eye while looking at miniscule letters on the opposite wall. hearing test was more inventive. i had to turn my head to the side and the doctor would whisper a word that i had to repeat. i was a bit confused. then i had to walk on my toes and heels and show that my hands and arms are functional. i got the report and the clinic promised to dispatch it to the driving school directly.

then i took my graduation diploma to the official translator and headed to work with my doctor. we separated in EminönĂ¼ as he went to library as usual. 2 more days then he is going to Ankara for over a week. thats along time...:(

i managed to get hooked on Foursquare now, on my 2nd try, and its working out well. with the points and all it works like a game for some. in fact i think it is stimulating the same receptors as games are... i also had doctor sign up and as we commute to work/library together in the morning we can sign in TOGETHER haha :)

now i should comment on iphone again. the blogging app BlogPress has a tendency to freeze and crash. im disappointed. and app store's search function is not so great... hard to find what i want and plenty invalid results.

Australia's Next Top Model season 7. its quite 'friendly' and nice otherwise but the judges Charlotte Dawson and Alex Perry are nasty in a way that is not funny. the remarks they make and the general feel they give is just obnoxious...'as if they were reaaaally important people. and while i have nothing against cosmetic surger and procedures - im quite positive about that stuff - these 2 are starting to look 'interesting'... especially Alex Perry. i dont know what hes done but its starting to look uncomfortable.

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