September 13, 2011

the daily mail

it was over 2 weeks ago that i lost my debit card. closed it the same day and they said they would send the new one by courier. realizing that the bank has my old home address i thought id better go change it and try to arrange the delivery to the bank so i can go pick it up from there. something like that would never ever get done via phone. so i went there last thursday with doctor. address change was completed and they said that 1 week later i could go pick it up from the bank. yesterday though i got a turkish txt msg. i was smart enough to get it translated and it said that the delivery company tried to reach me at home and i wasnt there obviously. there was a link to a webservice where i could give a new address. handy! i wrote my workplace address then -as suggested by Kagan at the office- and it said the address will be checked with the bank in 3 business days... arrrgh. today i went to the bank with my co-worker Serkan as translator, in order to add my work address in my informations. ironically i had been asked before for my employers address but i had only given them the company name. so now i got to do a re-run. it seemed very painful and hard but somehow the clerk managed, not with a happy face though. she said it might take a week for the card to arrive. im still hoping the new address would just get it re-directed... it remains to be seen.

tomorrow morning i should go with doctor to a private clinic to get a health report for my drivers license. the driving school gave a business card of a clinic to go to. it opens at just wondering if we have to queue long... and i should take my certificate of graduation for translation. and when thats done, take it to the notary. the certificate thing is funny - apparently you cannot get a drivers license unless you graduated from somewhere. elementary school must be enough but why proof it? hmm.

i read that they lost track of Happy Feet, the penguin. made me really sad... :(

i bought these black shoes from Bulgaria for about 19 euros. figured they would be nice in the winter. felt quite comfy too with the rubbery thick Skovgaard-style soles.

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