September 25, 2011

first and last watermelon

the housewarming party yesterday was nice. the flat was at the top floor and view over the roofs was nice. the balcony was pretty much the same size as the flat, or maybe bigger. but that was great for the party. there were lots of Erasmus-students, a couple english teacher from states and a very nice international feel. 

the view from the balcony

later we went to kadife sokak/bar street. its always wonderfully lively in the night, but especially weekends. some people just sit out randomly and drink, while others occupy the terraces.


black dress by Zara. the fabric has a nice shiny matte look.

nice meaningless t-shirt. nice soft thing fabric. 

i found watermelons outside Migros. it was definitely the last time i would buy and carry a watermelon. it was crazy heavy :(

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