September 27, 2011

its starting to feel like fall here

im still ridiculously giddy over doctor returning home more permanently. no more 15h days at the library for him, no more spending evenings alone for me, going to parties alone...   THIS is the way it should be - sitting together at home, doing nothing! maybe watching stupid youtube videos and cuddling. then being tired in the morning. ironically, i am alone as im writing this. doctor is at work. we still need to do something to earn living...  but its nice to come home and see that he has actually been here :) changed light bulbs and moved stuff around. and im happy he now has time to watch tv, movies...  basically live a normal life.

coming home i came across our 5th floor neighbor, Emre. he is a translator and so talking was easy. very nice to get to know more people from pur people. although it just reminds me how we might have to leave in january. its annoying how i cant forget it. i need continuance and stability...  boooriiing.

one of the boring things i do is that when i order fast food home delivery, i get the card/cash ready. so when the food arrives im standing at the door ready like a scout. looking for ur money when the delivery guy is at the door is pretty unforgivable in my opinion.

more new tv series! oh lord, is this an exceptional fall or what?

Terra Nova end of the world scenario
Hart of Dixie  *waiting in the line, review later*

The Good Wife started its 3rd season. although it has more Apple products than an Apple advert, i still like it.

oh no. i just drank like a glass of water - crazy impulse. but im soon to bed! if i wake up because i have to pee im gonna be so upset :(

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