October 22, 2011

tired at home

we attached this shelf a week ago for my jewellery. the edge has screws where i can hang earrings and necklaces....

this is the Engan bed we painted grey (...doctor painted) an assembled on wednesday.

last night me and doctor relaxed at home until 10pm or so, and after Eufemia came from her daily city tour, we went out to the bar street. met some friends and came home around 1am - as everyone was quite tired.

getting up this morning for the driving school's written exam was not fun...   and when we went by the office i also learned that they actually want me to take driving classes... :( but there are always these surprises in turkey. makes me wonder if perhaps the driving exams have gotten more difficult since whenever, everyone is saying its SOOO easy. but maybe i should put some effort into learning...    so i agreed to taking 3 driving classes.the exam should be at the end of  november.

today - again - im tired. seems to be a daily occurrence. despite waking up before the alarm. "fuck this shit", jenni would say. 

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