November 25, 2011


my 2nd try at the driving exam is in 2 weeks. just the traffic part though which I failed by 2 points. i guess i should study some this time :(

im so glad it's weekend again. i need to relax and do nothing. although doctor will be working from tonight until sunday morning so im mostly alone. on sunday I want to go to H&M though. tomorrow i could get a haircut. and other than that i think I just want watch tv.

we have been pondering the army stuff a lot, now that the paid military exemption will come available for a short while. actually we r pondering whether to sell the car or not. 30 000tl is a big loan to take. ppl take loans all the time, but im not so fond of it. this is just something that must be done. doctor has been waiting this option and opportunity for years. so it can be considered as the price of a year in his life. quite literally. there is a lot of discussion in media and amongst people about this... isnt it wrong that the poor have no chance? only the wealthy can pay themselves out. yes its wrong. i don't know whose grand idea it was, turkey has been offering this exemption a couple times every 10 or so yrs now. but it's a democracy... vote?! for now, excuse me, we will just pay regardless of how elitistic it may seem.

i gathered all my courage (it took a few days) and called the nail salon MYSELF and booked a time for tonight. so far, for over a year, doctor has been doing the booking for me. its just much harder to understand people on the phone than face to face.

but ive been feeling a bit down this week...  and tired. the dishwasher is officially dead but i think we have to wait a bit before getting a new one.

im really waiting for Leonard Cohen's new album.

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