January 02, 2012

ive got a dry skin now :(

this position is called '90 degrees'. handy workout move in a longer session of different aerobics stuff.

tomorrow doctor is having surgery for his acid reflux disease (=heartburn). so, routine stuff, but still, full anesthetic. last week he had a test to check the issue fully and then he scheduled the surgery. there is luckily a very good private hospital nearby (150m), and in that hospital, a surgeon specialized in these types of operations. i will go with him obviously and be there for when he wakes up. then i DO have to go to work, as i also have scheduled my first turkish class with Senni and a private teacher, after working hours. in the night ill come back and go to the hospital and sleep there with doctor since the insurance covers that (close relative or friend). turks even have a word for the person staying with the patient. refakat├ži. and im a pretty shitty refakat├ži i guess since i will disappear to work for a while :( im not too worried but of course i am thinking about it.
a gay retirement home in Spain - but sounds like its not a closed deal yet. so we will see.

the 2nd season of Finnish Top Chef is starting today. a great show for a 'culinarist' like me :D at the moment a low of shows are on some kind of christmas/NY break so ive gone all the way to Apprentice UK season 2, since i hadnt seen that before.

an article on the Atlantic; "What Americans Keep Ignoring About Finland's School Success" - the school thing has become a popula topic and i think this article underlines some things quite well.

Britain seems like an interesting society with its classes and...all. long history. long 'western' history. i mean i do have shitloads of history right here in middle east but ...yea. i admit im pretty clueless about the west and europe. and the real east. i think i slept through history lessons.

our dishwasher broke a few months ago. i think as much as i appreciate buying 2nd hand, its just not working out in turkey. everything breaks down. so a manufacturer's guarantee seems to be necessary... we will buy a new product this time. trying to figure out if we can do it this month... the medium-price of slightly under models (not cheapest) seem to be around 600-750tl (250-325e). mainly turkish brands.

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