January 06, 2012

there and back

hospital trip over. it was a little bit bigger show than i expected, doctor is now laying in bed, trying not to move as he has some pain etc. we went to the hospital 10:30am yesterday as requested and spent the next 4 hours doing nothing in the room we were given. i have to say it was a nice room though. like a hotel room, but bigger. so the surgery started way later, and then lasted a bit longer than expected. i got along fine with my laptop and the free wifi but i couldnt really do ALL of my work stuff there, so i was bummed when in the end i actually couldnt go to the office and had to cancel my first turkish lesson. i technically could have made it to the lesson but when doctor came from surgery he was so dizzy and uncomfortable etc i just couldnt leave him there...

already before surgery a lunch was delivered to the room, the name tag said 'refakatci' meaning the caretaker of the patient. doctor wasnt allowed to eat before or after his surgery anyway. in the evening i got a dinner and in the morning, after 8, a breakfast arrived. full service! in the evening a huge flower delivery arrived, from doctors employer. and everyone was calling him to see how it went and on top of everything, after 11pm (?!) a distant colleague of his showed up for a visit. turks are very... yea, caring? the hospital cleaner set my bed for me and i while it was comfy i didnt sleep so well. the nurses were coming every our to check stuff and give more liquids and doctor needed some help with stuff during the night.

in the morning i left to work looking like shit, and ive been tired all day. doctor was released around noon. now he can only eat liquids for the next 2 weeks. luckily we have a mixer.

doctor in his hospital gown waiting for his surgery, while i nom on the lunch.

my bed for the night

here is a video of the room. view of Borsphorus and europe from the window!

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